Measure the voice quality across all your destinations and routes with ClearVoice. ClearVoice is an online voice quality testing and monitoring service that allows you to test the quality of voice supplied by your partners with the following functionalities:

1. Real-time measurements of voice quality parameters of tested destinations:
  • CLI (Caller Line Identifier)
  • MOS (Mean Opinion Score)
  • PDD (Post Dial Delay)
  • FAS ( False Answering Supervision)
2. Get a detailed breakdown of all test call results and statuses such as:
  • Call Result:
    • a- CLI Delivered
    • b- CLI Failure
    • c- FAS
  • Call Mean Opinion Score
  • Call PDD
3. Real-time business intelligence dashboards to monitor outgoing test calls
4. Schedule ongoing test calls and testing protocols based on timings, routes, triggers and actions, and receive detailed reports on your dashboards and via email.
5. Compare results across time and benchmark results across different suppliers.

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